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Frequently Asked Questions

TripHock.com serves as a hub that facilitates the connection between travelers and businesses.

Certainly, we strongly encourage business owners to upload their locations and broaden their customer base from all corners of the globe.

Indeed, we do charge a nominal monthly fee for featuring your business on our platform.

No. By purchasing a package, you can benefit from unlimited orders, bookings, phone calls, and emails from your customers.

That’s correct. A portion of your payment is allocated towards promoting and featuring your business on various platforms, including Google Ads. Essentially, part of what you pay us is reinvested into promoting and marketing your business.

Absolutely. Once you purchase a package, simply email us your website URL, and we would be more than happy to assist you with its setup, at no additional cost.

We provide a user dashboard where you can access all of your important information, including details about your places, reviews, page views, messages, and more.

While we do not offer refunds, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

That’s correct. Your user dashboard will feature a “Total Views” counter, which will provide you with the total number of views your content has received.

Correct, the business or place listed on our platform must be relevant to travel and vacation in some way. We focus on providing resources and connections for travelers, so all listings must be related to the travel industry.